Over the past few years, servicing our one car has been my job.  Strangely, I’m not the person that ever drives the car, but I got to be the one who takes it in for servicing.  I’d find a day my wife didn’t need to use the car, drive the car to the shop in the wee hours, and then take the subway to the office. 

But recently, things have gotten more complicated.  My wife basically needs the car every day.  She takes our son to preschool three days a week, and her job forces her to drive quite a bit.  So the process becomes this – she drops off our son at preschool, goes to the shop, removes the car seat, takes the shuttle to the car rental place, does all that B.S. paperwork they make you do to rent a car, and straps in the car seat to the rental car.  It’s a pain. 

Good thing we only have one car.