The big bosses of my company were in town visiting this week and they took us to The Cliff House Restaurant – where you can take in a killer oceanside sunset AND have an incredible 5 course meal.  At dinner, I sat next to a girl we just hired a few days ago and we had a nice conversation.  We happen to both live in the same neighborhood, which is on the other side of town.

After the group was done with dinner we thought it would make sense to call a cab and split it since we live so close.  I called Yellow Cab.  The cab arrived and it wasn’t until we both jumped in that I realized that we had stolen some other guy’s cab.  She clearly knew it because she wanted to get out of the evening chill, but wasn’t completely aware.  When she was directing the driver to her place, she wasn’t giving clear and timely directions and even at one point practically demanded he drive down a short one way street against traffic because he pasted her house (due to her delayed navigation).

Who was this girl that we hired?