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My signature

This will take me some time.

I use Yahoo! for email, and I have an email signature that defaults onto every new email message I compose.  The email signature says:

Adam K. Felson

“…stories of a man, his pregnant wife, their son, one car and a bus pass…”

There are some people who I send messages to who I am not ready to know about the recent postings of this blog.  I don’t want them to know that we’ve decided to pack it up and move in sometime soon. 

So I delete the signature.

And that’s ok.



If you were to tell me a month or so ago that I’d be browsing Lafayette homes on-line, I wouldn’t believe you.  Okay, well to be honest, I’ve always known that it was possible, though I just can’t believe that this is really the direction we’re going.  What I really think is amazing is how I seem relatively okay with all this.  While I constantly think of all I will miss, I also know what is ahead isn’t half bad…

My ten step program

I haven’t posted since I poured my heart out to the cyber universe on 6/21/10.  Or at least to the five or six of you who read this. 

I feel like I’m participating in a ten-step program.  I’ve gone through more emotions than I think anyone – even those closest to me – could ever imagine.  Fear, Depression, Anger, Denial, and now Acceptance.  I’ve accepted the fact that our growing family needs more space than we probably can find in San Francisco.  I’ve accepted that it’s become increasingly more difficult to enjoy many of the advantages of City life (3 yr. olds aren’t great company at Zagat rated restaurants) and there is value in living closer to our families in a larger house with a pool in a place with warmer summers.