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temp_home_newsI’m a huge fan of Zipcar, the urban car-sharing, pay-by-the-hour service.  It’s truly a brilliant business, and it is one of the reasons that our one car family has been able to be a one car family.  I proudly said, “Heck yeah” when a friend of mine recently asked, “Hey are you still doing that car share thing?”. 

It’s a thing of pride is what it is.  Here is how it works.  You walk up to a car that you don’t own.  You flash your card reader to the dashboard.  All of the cars doors unlock.  You quickly drive away.

It’s like stealing.


Birthdays = Mileage

This month we’ve had lots of birthdays and other celebrations in the family that have put some mileage and chalked up some bridge toll on our car.  It was the birthday of Leah’s aunt, my dad, Leah’s mom, Leah’s brother, and our nephew – plus this weekend is two parties for my cousin’s wedding AND father’s day.  Let’s just say it’s a lot of cake and time behind the wheel.  But, hey, it’s nice to be with the fam.