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Barely Made it

180px-Windup_alarm_clockI seem to have a pattern.  The alarm clock goes off at 6:10am.  I hit the snooze button, which strangely has a NINE minute duration (couldn’t it have been ten?).  I get up at 6:18am, even though I technically have another minute to spare because by bladder is about to burst.  I’m  out of the house by 7:10am (I’m trying to trim that down, but I need to shave, shower, get dressed, and eat).  My walk to the bus stop takes five minutes, but 4 minutes into it, I see that my bus has arrived.  I start running to catch the bus, while carefully cross the street.  I barely make it, but luckily the bus driver has two seconds of patience.  It’s always the same bus driver each day because the timing is like clockwork…


Just had dinner with a friend and I’m riding home alone on a quiet empty bus… It’s like one big cab just for me.

Inside the 30x

Here is what the floor inside my means of transit to and from the office…