Our son’s first year of preschool is about to come to a close.  At the beginning of the year, we purchased a CD recorded by our son’s preschool teacher.  She plays guitar and sings to the kids in class, and recorded the songs… Many of the other parents also bought the CD because they too though it would be a good way to bridge the connection between the classroom and home.

The purchase of this CD was the biggest mistake of our entire lives.

When we first bought the CD, we quickly popped it into our car’s CD player.  Our son was in love with the songs, so we felt like we made a great purchase.  He was singing along with the tunes, and we it appeared that the music was building his mental development.

Flashforward nine months, this CD has yet to leave our CD drive.  Any time we try listening to something else, our son makes it clear that he is not happy.  To say that I have memorized each song on the CD would be the biggest understatement in the world.  Sometimes in the middle of a workday, if I’m quietly working away, the songs will come up from out of the blue to haunt me. 

I’m starting to consider secretly destroying the disc for my own sanity…