This weekend I was climbing up the steep Arguello Street hill on my bike near the entrance to the Presidio.  I had my son on a kiddie seat attached to the back of the bike.  He was enjoying the relaxing afternoon (I just took him to Baker Beach and then the Bill’s Place for a hot dog all without the use of a motor vehicle).  I was sweating and thinking about how when I climb this hill alone it is as if I am thirty pounds lighter.

Then we see some dude about to ride down the hill on one of these puppies:

A few things popped into my head:

1) Where did he get this thing? 

2) That bike is SO 1882.  What a second – is this guy from 1882?

3) Maybe this will become a new trend.  Will they start making bike racks for these old time two wheelers?

4) What a second – is he GOING DOWN this hill with that thing?!