Over this past weekend, my wife drove up to the Wine Country for a bachelorette getaway for her friend.  Therefore, it was just my son and I without a car for 24 hours straight.

I’ve had him for the day alone dozens of times, but a full 24 hours is another experience entirely.  I was quickly reminded how tough life must be for single parents.

But I digress.  My wife left us without a vehicle without any hesitation because she knows how good we are on public transit, walking, and Zipcar.  We had a great day with included a roundtrip on the bus to the Jewish Community Center

At the end of the day my son said to me: “We don’t have a car, Daddy.  Mommy has a car”.

“That’s right.”, I said smiling, in a proud urban father moment. 

“Yeah”, said my almost three year old, who seemed happy to travel with his dad no matter what the circumstance.