If there was one bus who was the world’s most tech savvy, it would probably be my bus – San Francisco’s 30x.  Specifically, the crowd on this bus are huge Apple fans.  There are some people on the bus who love the iPhone so much that they will carry one around for personal use even though they also need to lug around the mandatory work-related Blackberry.  The bus is virtually a bunch of yuppies where everyone is wearing those little white earbuds.  Heck – the neighborhood it serves even has its own Apple store.

The iPad device was released this past weekend, with crowds lining up.  The question isn’t if we will see one of these puppies on the 30x, it is how quickly.  So far, after the first two mornings of bus service post-product release, I have yet to spot one of these.  I’ll let you know when I do.