Some friends of ours recently went from being just a married couple to a family a few months ago with the birth of their daughter.  Now, they just sold one of their cars, making them a one car family – just like us!  Below is some commentary straight from the source:

“We’ve had 2 cars the whole 5 (or so?) years we’ve both lived in the city, and probably spent about 10% of our waking hours figuring out where to park one or the other.  In Dec 2007, I stopped using my car regularly for commuting — took a job for a year that allowed me to take Caltrain down to mountain view.  What a refreshing change to take mass transit to work and avoid the stress and mess of commuting by car.  I left that job in Dec 2008 and have been working from home since.  I looked at a car maintenance receipt from Aug 2008 and saw the mileage at that time — I’d  put all of 3000 miles on the car since then.  And most of that was probably moving it from one side of the street to the other every week for street cleaning.  That’s about all I’ve done with it in the last 12 months.  When you think about how much of a pain parking is in this city, and how much of people’s days are spent just driving around looking for parking, and then take a look at your average residential San Francisco street over the course of a week and see how few cars are actually moved with any regularity; well, the whole car culture boggles the mind, and urban services like CityCarShare make all the sense in the world for the collective good.  Granted living in a large, dense metropolitan area is a very different experience than living in suburbia, with many more transit options.  But over the last year, the idea of going down to a one-car household, simplifying life, and possibly getting a tiny scooter for short urban commutes has seemed very enticing.  I loved my car, but it made all the sense in the world to figure out how to make life work for us without the very expensive overhead of maintaining a one-vehicle-per-driver household.”