Even though I haven’t posted since 2/16/10, I’ve still gotten a few people checking out the blog.  Thank you loyal readers!

Here’s something absolutely insane.  The building I work at, 555 California, has a shelter on the sidewalk on the southeast corner of California and Kearny that is used exclusively for cable cars.  Regular buses do not stop there. 

We’ve been told by the agency that manages these shelters that this shelter must be relocated back from the curb a few feet because it is difficult for a wheelchair to get inside it.  HELLO!  Does anyone realize that the design of cable cars has been largely unchanged since 1870, when people with disabilities where considered total outcasts?  Have you EVER seen a person with a wheelchair ride a cable car?  That’s because they can’t!

Also, if you are familar with the Financial District, you’ll know that picking up a cable car at this location will bring you inboard towards the end of the line at California and Drumm Streets.  It’s only a few blocks… I’ve never seen anyone, handicapped or not, wait for a cable car at this location…