Okay, onecarfamily fans.  I’m starting to reach the point where I’m feeling like I’m talking to myself.  And trust me, I do a lot of talking to myself as is; whether it be in the bathroom brushing my teeth, walking down the street, or cooking breakfast.  I’m the kind of guy who verbally projects his intern monologue, and I don’t care if other people care about it.

But I’ve spent hours putting this blog together, posting almost 60 posts, of which I hope you viewers found interesting.  But, after all of these months, I’ve only received 16 measly comments, and that in the world on cyberspace, is shameful.  I know I have some viewers  – last week, according to WordPress 38 of you checked out the site – but it still feels lonely.

So please, please, do me a favor.  Comment on one of my posts.  Just tell me you’re out there.  I could use it.  Thanks.