Over the past four day weekend, our onecarfamily was local.  My wife and I were all over town – we saw a few movies, celebrated my mom’s birthday at a fancy restaurant, went to the California Academy of Sciences, Sports Basement, and the doctor’s office (just to name a few).  I drove 2 babysitters and one cousin home. 

It was mostly urban, San Francisco driving, which is what I love best.  After 5 and a half years of living here, I really know my way around.  Just quiz me… give me two points and I’ll tell you the best route.  Maps are for the uninformed.

I’d make a great cab driver.  I want to be the guy with passengers who would say, “Wow, I would never think to go this way – great shortcut!”

There’s something enpowering about knowing your way around.  It makes you feel like you own the place.