I’m getting lots of mail from readers who ask what it’s like to share a car with my wife and toddler.  (Okay, that sentence was completely fabricated – I have yet to receive “fan mail” from this blog, and readership has is in the 30 views per day range at best.) 

I really only have to get in the car on weekends because I take the bus to work during the week.  Here’s what I usually can expect when I get in the car:

A backseat full of toys * pungent, half-full bottles of milk * rearview & sideview mirrors that need adjusting (which is strange – my wife is only 3 inches shorter than me) * spare change scattered all over the place * cell phone charger chords * Two or three empty Starbuck’s cups * the same old baby CD on loop (no wonder I hum it to myself all week) * partially eaten snacks that typically are generating crumbs

Admittedly, I used to wish we were able to maintain the same car environment we had before we were parents, but then I quickly realized that having a kid is a very special thing.  Hey, it’s tough to juggle everything.  The crying baby usually takes precident over keeping your car tidy.  So what if we get our car washed quarterly (which might be about accurate)?  We’ve got a little guy…

Mr.D 003