When our son was first born, we loaded up our five-disc changer with a bunch of baby CDs to help him fall asleep in the car.  We never really got around to taking them out or replacing them with our own music because there is nothing worse that a baby screaming in their car seat while you are trying to focus on the road.

Recently, we received a new baby CD that we swapped out with one of our older ones.  It was a nice change of pace, because for two years, we’ve practically been listening to the same 5 CDs non-stop.  Our son really loves this new CD, and actually will get pretty upset if any of the other 4 discs are spinning. 

Over this past weekend, we discovered that he really only likes the first track of the CD, and when it is over, he’ll have a fit.  We find ourselves having to hit replay – over and over again.  It would be one thing if this song was a long ten-minute ballad, but this thing is only about two minutes.  I think I listened to the song about a hundred times this weekend, and I almost went numb.